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hey guys.

I made a few icons of rami from NatM. heres the link :3
icons 1 - 8
hope you like


Well, I have nothing to contribute (yet), but I'm new and wanted to say hi anyway. I've just recently seen Night at the Museum, and I've probably watched it about 6 times in the past three days. Everyone in the room with me keeps giving me odd looks when I start to giggle and go "Here comes Rami.. the guy... the GUY... THE GUY."

So yea. Like I said, nothing to contribute other than a hi and a head-over-heels fangirl. Who has every intention of becoming War At Home's newest obsessed fan.



I'm new here and it seems a little dead so I hoped to wake it up a bit with some newbie gifts.=]

first a neat little banner I made
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

then a video I made

Tonight's Episode!

Yes, I know I didn't post a summary of last week's episode ( I am a horrible little moderator-person-thing ) but you can go here to get the jist of it. There was some Kenny-love :3


But I just saw the summary for tonight's episode and I am beyond excited! ;D

When it's revealed that Kenny and his date will be attending the school's Sadie Hawkins dance, he and his date are both banned from the event for not keeping with its traditions. This prompts an outraged Larry to lead protest against the discrimination, while Dave goes to the school to argue the case. Meanwhile, once Principal Fink discovers that Kenny's been living with the Golds, he tells Dave that he must inform Child Services so that Kenny can be put in foster care, unless Dave can convince Kenny's parents to let him come home.

Plus you can go here to see a clip of tonight's episode :3

<3 Tis truly priceless, the internet. I don't know what we crazy fans would do with our time.


...Probably find a cure for AIDS.


The War At Home Video!


I was checking the War At Home website for the summary of this week's new episode...and guess what I stumbled upon? O:

They are uploading episodes of the War At Home to their myspace! 

You can go here to find the episode that is Kenny centric. You have to scroll over to the far right where it says 'Watch an episode' and go to the last show 'Put on a Happy Face'.

Sadly, its the earliest one they have D:

I wish they had the actuall 'Out and In' episode...but we can only hope :3

It seems to me to be one of their most popular episodes so hopefully the producers will get the jist and put it up on their myspace as well.

But for now, there is that episode! :D

<3 Enjoy,



Well, this is just a quick drawing I did, but I saw hobbitnat's just beyond adorable and amazing drawings.

Mine aren't as great and I did this sketch relatively quick (30 minutes at my computer desk, tops), but oh well...

sexy art yo!

man i'm craving Italian and Greek food right now!

Teh Sexeh Art of Rami! HOMIGOSH! FINALLEH!Collapse )

Rami's Name

found this on a imdb.com thread on Rami, i just like th e end of it haha, my pictures are in the process of being scanned! AS WE SPEAK!!!!
Rami's Name Info... ThingerCollapse )


Truth be told, usually it takes me a LOT longer to find photos but today Ive been bored out of my skull cause of certain things in my neck of the woods so Ive been surfing.

And lo and behold! I found some photos! I don't know what clip their from but I found them at carlaguginoonline.com at a on the set section of Night at the Museum. Different head dress for the Pharaoh costume so obviously the scene with that costume was cut out, not to mention the tablet in the photos is different from the one I saw in the movie.

<3 the eye makeup

Click if Rami is _______ - Fill in your own blank :PCollapse )

This is a post about you!

This is to you all!

To all the new people! :D

*waves maniaclly*

And all the veterans! :DDD

*more frantic waving*

Yes. Even if we have only been up for a month...maybe a little over(?) I am very proud. :3

I truley believe we are starting to get our feet off the ground, what with already 8 members! ( O: ) and our first fan art coming up, along with interactive posting and so I am not just going around, feeling like a crazy person and posting alot :3


So this one is for you all!

*insues into a horrid song and dance thanking you for joining and how awesome each of you all are and how she wishes she knew every person better and she hopes to get to know you better and all other mushy shit like that*

Wahey, well, now that that's done with.

<3 I'll go.

But don't miss me too much :3

Go forth and reproduce post! :D


P.S. Have I announced that I celebrated my birthday last, last Saturday? D:

If not.

Then I did.

Guess my age ;D

It'll make me grin.