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just thought i'd letchya all know that i have a couple pictures drawn and i'll put them up within a day or two, come monday i am officially done my art 30!!!!!! =D words cannot express my happiness that i am done that course!!!

Anyhow so that means i can spend more time on doing art that i want to do which means more Rami fanart!!! =D
(i miss my high school days when i didn't feel guilty about doodling instead of homework, and i just did fanart whenever i pleased!! heheh)


In all honesty I had never heard of anything Rami has been listed in before the Night at the Museum. I went to see it today, expecting not to like it in all honestly, but found it funny, especially with the cute Pharoh.

Its a shame Rami doesnt seem to have much info and such out there, I <3'd his accent and I saw someone mentioned they wanted to know what it was and I second that!

I will leave with some pics, I havn't seen them posted yet and they are the best ones of him I can find!

You wouldnt believe how stuffy it is in there...Collapse )

Screencaps of Night At The Museum

Alright, for those of us who are dial-up users or simply just want some screen caps to save to your computer, here you go! :3

I didn't crop them to just include Rami Malek so you could have a feel for what scene he is in and also, I adjusted the lighting to make him more visible in the darker scenes (such as in the Egpytian room and then outside). 

<3 Enjoy

P.S. The video (click on Night At The Museum - 4 to see the movie starting from the entrance of Rami Malek / Akmenrah ) goes all the way to the end. And also, I'm sorry in advance for the last two shakey pictures. He dances quickly! xD;

For those of you who know or not...

I got a lovely journal upload (from the first person ever besides myself! :D ) asking for screencaps of Night At The Museum. Upon giving them a link to the section of the movie with Rami Malek in it, I realized I haven't shared it with most of our lovely people~

So here it is

You just click above and click on Night At The Museum - 4. That will open up a video player with the section of the movie in it, starting right from when Akmenrah is coming out of the closet coffin. It is very good quality and I am not yet sure how far it runs, but I do know it covers him in the Pharoah outfit as well :3 

Hopefully we'll get to see him dancing at the end party x3;

For dial-up users, this may kill your computer, so I am watching and re-winding the Night At The Museum - 4 repeatedly and making screen caps for you all to upload a little later today :3




Ahkmanrah pics??

anyone have any Ahkmanrah pics from Rami's new character in Night At the Museam, i have an incling to do fanart of him! DX ahhh inkings! and does anyone know how old he is?? it's like not posted anywhere!

Oh yes. I am horridly (and roughly) quoting from tonights War At Home episode.

Oh well.

It was quite enjoyable :3

Hope everyone was able to catch it~ Kenny was just adorable in his sparkly shirt.

Even just adorable with his ever optimistic attitude shadowing his real insecurities...

I just can't wait for next week!

As much as I love Rami Malek, I could notice the slight difference in acting between him and the rest of the cast of the kids. He is a bit tenser it seems, especially in funnier scenes. As much as I hate to admit it, he should make it feel a bit more real, its almost forced his constant charade (although he might have actually been going for that in the end since Kenny is hiding his true worries).

But either way, all together it was enjoyable (aside having to sit through the long office scenes).

Thats about it. Like I promised, posts only on Thursdays and the weekends for me. Though if anyone would like to post their own entry, that'd be awesome :D

Start discussions and such, without some people interjecting 'WAR AT HOME SUX' and other stupid things like that with horrid internet slang and improper grammer. @_@;

'Till next time! <3


P.S. It seems Kenny is Persian. He says something along the lines of  "Its not a big deal, I'd just be performing a traditional Persian folk song with my father..."

Thus, I believe Kenny is written as Persian   :3

NEX TIME! on The War At Home

Well, I figured I might as well provide the next summary.

Sadly, when I tried to copy and paste it into the journal, it completely just screwed up everything and I am not taking any chances again. So you can go here and view it. Although I will say 'YAAAY! Another Kenny-centric episode! :D'

P.S. Take the poll :3

If you haven't been to the War At Home forums and want to talk with many other people on 'Like, omg, how awesooooome is Kenny, like' and stuff like that, I would recommend heading over. ( Just be sure you can handle the horrid use of internet slang and improper punctuation and all around grammer). You can visit it here. (I've already posted my own topic and a few replies under 'numycreampuf' ).

Also, I wanted to say that I finally went back and remade that first messed up, illegible text icon ( the 'What? I can't help it that I'm adorable' one).

I like this one a lot more, so here you go :

Plus! I made a new icon which I am quite proud of :3

I like this next one a lot, so enjoy~

Lastly, I made a Rami Malek screensaver a while ago that I am some-what proud of. I mean, its my background right now but it might come across as a little too bright or even just a little too stupid. Oh well, I'll scale it down aaaand....here you go :

Well, thats all (thank god I finally got this journal to work again @_@; )

Till a later date my lovelies,



Alright so...

I realize I am posting on here quite alot. 

...I mean alot, alot. 

And I'm very sorry. I just have alot to get out! Believe, very soon, the near, near future, they will start to slow down. Actually, the only times I probably will be updating here is on the weekends or Thursday nights after an episode xD

But I just had to post because I found the most hilarious yet slightly confusing Back Scenes photos of Rami Malek from The War At Home. I found them on their...dare I say it...(deep breath)...myspace account. ( You may not know it, but I am quite an anti-myspace person. Only for Rami Malek!)...( and Matthew Gray Gubler).  However much I may not approve...you can go here to see the pictures for yourself. 

Although, I will post them here as well. Because I am magical/obsessive liek that :D

( P.S. I assume these pictures are from the episode 'Super Dave' [ summary here ]. I've never seen the episode but these pictures seem to correspond with the summary ^^; )

Rami is getting prepped for his apparently alien debut. x3;

Because blue facial markings are so in this season~

And thus the end product! Of course clad with a cup of coffee just in case the going gets tough~

Enjoy! <3


So apparently I am scarily obsessive...

Well, first, I would like to share my discovery last night!

This is the first and the only entire cast picture of The War At Home I found with our lovely Rami Malek included. Sad, right? Oh well, hopefully now that he is having more centered videos he'll be getting a bit more popular and even more pictures and information about him. Which moves us the next part of the journal, an idea I've been wanting to do for a while.

Things I Would Like To Know About Rami Malek:

1. Where was he born?
2. What is his birthday?
3. Is he American-Egyptian, or has he lived in the country long enough to be considered just American?
( XD maybe a stupid question but I've been wondering!)
4. Why did he go to Evansville University? ( Evansville, Indiana! Thats just across the river! @_@; [ remember I live in Louisville, KY)
5. Is he really 24?
6. Sexual orientation?
(What?! Its a plausible question!)
7. Does he speak another language besides English?
8. What is that accent of his?!
( XD what?)
9. Boxers or briefs? ( Okay, I deserve to be shot.)
10. Whats his favorite TV show?
11. What music does he like?
12. Is he currently in any relationships?

Hmmm...Thats all I could currently think of. I suppose it sounds a little creepy to read over this all and wonder it about practically a stranger...but he's an adorable stranger who plays an even more adorable character on The War At Home and showed off his stomach in Night At The Museum. Can I really help it? I think the answer is probably. But oh well.

So, what would you like to know about Rami Malek?


'Till you comment!


Alas, my lovelies~

Alright, I lied.

I said I would stay away from the keyboard and mouse until tommorow but I can't because I will loose my thoughts and ideas for this post.

Anyway, starting from the part I've had to re-write three times now :D

Alas, I have yet to find any posting of pictures from last night episode, though I suppose I wouldn't suspect any. And I probably am coming across as quite an impatient person but what can I say? I tried. But don't worry, I will definitly keep my out. At least for my own sake. The pictures from last night episode of The War At Home will definitly be worth it :3

The only thing I managed to find was a crappy, rather thrown together and slightly grammatically incorrect summary of the episode on the War At Home website (seen here. ) If you haven't seen the episode, want a reminder, or just want to laugh at the writing and feel slightly superior in your own, then go and read it. It doesn't bring out how good the episode trully was for our beloved Rami Malek but oh well. ( My favorite quote wasn't even mentioned...that being when Dave said to Larry about Kenny, "If that kid were any more gay he would have rainbows shooting out of his ears and The Village People would start to play everytime he entered a room.")

Oh well.

And now, I will go about the rigorous task of posting the two (omg!1!!one!11!!eleven!11!!) Rami Malek icons I made a few...hours ago Dx

They aren't anything great or marvelous but just accept them. 


Alright. I am rather (some-what) proud of this icon. I mean. Its a cute idea. 

Right? Oh well. Yes, I realize the text it a little hard to see but as soon as I saw this picture this is exactly what I thought would be a great caption for it. It says 'What?' and 'I can't help it that I'm adorable.' I will be sure to go back and edit s'more later so the text is actually easily legible, but for right now...we'll make due. I am too angry still about the stupid Livejournal problem Dx

I didn't envision this coming out so cheesy but I would have to say its my favorite just because its simple. Oh well. I don't know properly or have in my posession any good graphicing software. If anyone knows of good ones or useful tools or traits that would be much appreciated! But alas. Even the crappy graphics I could get on here I had to take off just so it would be able to be loaded on LJ.

Oh well.

Thats about it my lovelies...


A horrid piece of crack art that I made earlier. I showed the picture to my friend and this is what she said about it.

I simply put it down in words.

Please don't hurt me/maim me/shoot me.

And beware the crack art xD